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Popular Author, Kelly Milner-Halls, Returns to Bryant!

Kelly Milner-Halls, a nonfiction writer for young readers, will visit with all of Bryant’s students on Monday, January 14, throughout the day, in the library. Kelly last dazzled our readers six years ago, so we feel super lucky to have her back!

Kelly’s tendency to think outside the box started early. She says, “I’d always been the weird kid – the kid who asked too many questions, the kid who couldn’t stop talking to her neighbors, the kid who couldn’t find a book she wanted to read.”

In our library, Kelly has provided our avid readers plenty to read and mull over–we have over 10 of her titles. For a complete listing of her books and more information about her, visit her website:

Secret Garden has partnered with us to sell books for interested families. For the order form, click HERE. ALL ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED BY BRYANT LIBRARY BY 9:00 AM ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT, MONDAY, JANUARY 14.


Happy New School Year!

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year. I’m excited to see both familiar and new faces at Bryant and look forward to serving you as teacher-librarian. Although working hard over the summer to review new books and other materials so that our Hawks’ brains will soar, I did take time to travel and explore with my family. We visited Sun River, where I did real mountain biking for the first time–not just skidding off the path on the Burke Gilman! There in Bend, I also experienced what I deem the best tasting baked good ever–the Ocean Roll at The Sparrow Bakery. If you like cardamom and croissants, it’s a must-try!

Last year, during my first visit to Paris, I made frequent stops at famous American Bookstore, Shakespeare and Company. Of course, any bookstore with a friendly cat immediately wins me over. Also compelling, their sign reading: “Open door, open book, open mind, open heart.”

As we respond to events happening in our school, community, and world, I’m reminded of how much reading contributes to our empathy and capacity to respond to each other with compassion and kindness. So, I’ve borrowed this wonderful motto, as we open our minds and hearts together.

Please contact me or stop by any time, so we can talk about great books, literacy, and other places to find yummy foods!

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