Bryant’s 4th graders helped promote our first blood drive. Thanks to Dr. Meghan Delaney, blood transfusion doctor and Bryant mom for leading our efforts to involve our fabulous Bryant community.

Results for Saturday, May 13th!

  • Total Registered Donors: 37 – Thank you!
  • Units of Blood Collected:30 – Not every donor is able to donate each time.  We must give credit to everyone that tries!  Thank you!
  • Lives Saved: Since each donation is separated into red cells, platelets and plasma, your donations will help save the lives of up to 90 patients in our community.

We had 5 donors that have given over 8 pints of blood in their lifetime.  One donor has given 32 pints (4 gallons)! This is evidence that Bryant Elementary School donors are committed to helping save lives! Thank you for your tremendous support!

Summer is always a time when blood is greatly needed. You can find other blood drives in your area by following this link:

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