On Monday, October 22, Bryant Library welcomes best-selling author/illustrator Jeffrey Brown. His popular works include the middle grade Jedi Academy series as well as the Darth Vader and Son series. Jeffrey will present to Bryant’s 1st-4th graders. Thanks to our wonderful partners at Third Place Books for bringing us this event.

When he was a kid, Jeffrey always dreamed of growing up to draw comics and make books for a living– and now he’s living that dream! Jeffrey has written a number of autobiographical books for adults, humorous graphic novels about cats, and parodies like Incredible Change-Bots.

Jeffrey is touring on his latest series that’s been 40,000 years in the making: Lucy & Andy Neanderthal! Lucy and Andy are a brother and sister living in the stone age, which would be hard enough between hunting mammoths and avoiding cave bears — but they also have to make new friends, stay out of trouble, and survive their prehistoric sibling rivalry! Jeffrey’s latest installment, Lucy & Andy Book Three: Bad to the Bones, is going to keep kids talking around the watering hole.

This free author event is supported entirely through book sales. If you’d like to order one of Jeffrey’s books,  click HERE for the order form, which is due by October 22 at 8:30 AM.