Elizabeth Geist spent a great deal of her childhood up in trees reading books. When not in trees, she was often found at the library.

She studied English with a writing emphasis at the University of Washington and still writes the occasional poem or short story. She was born in Mount Vernon, Washington, but has called Seattle home for most of her life.

For 14 years she owned a local record and CD shop, which combined her love of music and organizing. She enjoyed sorting things into genres even back then.

Elizabeth believes the library is, or should be, the heart of every school. She is passionate about the time she is fortunate enough to get to work in Bryant’s library with the amazing Teacher-Librarian, Anne Aliverti.

While it happens less frequently in trees, Elizabeth is still an avid reader with a stack of books on her bedside table at all times. When not reading, she enjoys exploring nature and museums with her children, doing volunteer work, and lots of DIY projects around the house.