1. Work together with your child to ensure his her success at school.
  2. “Sometimes it’s not what you see; it’s what you believe!” Parents have to believe in what your child can do and teach them to believe in themselves as students.
  3. Be informed of your children’s education. Find ways to participate in your children’s education and ways to exercise your rights and responsibilities as a parent.
  4. Send your children to school every day.
  5. Ask your children how their day went at school.
  6. Know the teacher’s name and your child’s grade level.
  7. Have the school telephone number in a convenient location at your house.
  8. Know your child’s bus number.
  9. Attend parent-teacher conferences on a regular basis.
  10. Volunteer for school field trips.
  11. Look for daily assignments.
  12. Help your child with special projects (do not do it for him or her, but rather facilitate).
  13. Know some of your child’s classmates. When your child is absent, call for assigned homework.
  14. Look for Local Task Force agencies that offer translation services if you need assistance with translations. Or ask Bryant’s ELL Teacher, Pauline Pfohl,
  15. Ask your child to review prior assignments with you daily.
  16. Read daily with your child (use home language, if necessary).
  17. Ask your child to read aloud to you.
  18. Make lists of objects and sort at home.
  19. Ask your child what he or she needs for school.
  20. Love your child!