Some of our 4th and 5th graders have been sprouting pointy ears and have become quite nimble with the Dewey Decimal System! Our Shelf Elf program appeals to service-oriented students who love to organize. Assigned to a particular day and time, Shelf Elves are expected, independently, to make their magical appearance beyond some initial reminders. A 5th grade Shelf Wizard directs the Shelf Elves, as Ms. Aliverti is often teaching. Depending on the number of interested students, an Elf may serve for one or two semesters. The Wizards, fewer in number, serve all year. In June, Shelf Elves meeting all attendance requirements will be invited to a lunch party.

Following a lunch recess informational meeting in September, Ms. Aliverti distributes Shelf Elf and Shelf Wizard applications. Please contact her for more information.


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